Plasti Dip Wheels for a unique look

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Since you probably know by now that you can plasti dip wheels, you probably wanted to know some benefits of it. First off, let me tell you that it will protect your wheels against, salt, grime, and road debris. This is especially important in the winter because there is an excessive amount of salt on the roads. Salt can damage the paint that is currently on your wheels and eat through clear coat. If your wheels are plasti dipped, all it will take to get the salt off is a nice hose down.

I bet you’re here for another reason, aren’t you? You want to know if you should plasti dip your wheels as a cheap alternative to getting them painted or powder coated. The answer is yes, why not? If you’re trying to get black wheels cheap on a budget, might as well plasti dip them. On average, 4 cans of plasti dip should be enough to give your wheels a few nice coats. Just remember, the more coats you put on, the easier it will be to peel off later. I’d recommend at least 4 to 5 nice coats. For a smoother finish, try to spray on lighter coats and build up from there.

To plasti dip wheels, a lot of prep work is not required, heck, you can even do them right on the car! Although not a lot of prep work is required, it is important to do it. You can start off by getting your wheels squeaky clean by using either soap and water or a wheel cleaner of your choice. You do not need to take your wheels off to plasti dip them. If you can get behind the wheel and place a garbage bag on your brakes, that’s enough masking. You can also add a layer of tire shine to your tires and then spray plasti dip from the wheel, right onto the tire. With this method, after you are done and the dip is dry, it will peel off of the tire very easily. Remember, the key to plasti dipping your wheels is to get nice even coats and prep is key.

If you have any other questions on how to plasti dip wheels, feel free to comment below, or even shoot me an email at for the quickest response. Enjoy the dipping!