Plasti Dip Help

What is plasti dip?
-Plasti dip is a unique rubber coating that may be applied to something by dipping it in a liquid or sprayed onto a surface from a spray can or spray gun.

Where is the best place to buy plasti dip?
-Currently, one of the best places to buy Plasti dip is Amazon

What can I use Plasti Dip for?
You can:
-plasti dip wheels
-plasti dip tools
-plasti dip game consoles(Xbox,ps3,etc)
-plasti dip your hood
-plasti dip your roof
-plasti dip your valence
-plasti dip your whole car

Does plasti dip really peel off?
-Yes, plasti dip, if applied correctly, will peel off most surfaces.

Can I plasti dip in the cold?
Yes, you can plasti dip in the cold as long as you keep the plasti dip warm. If you are using gallons and a gun, keep the gallons and gun indoors when not spraying or inbetween coats. If you’re using cans, keep the cans in a warm water bath or on your defroster before and between coats!

What is the best way to peel off plasti dip?
-the best method to get plasti dip off is to start at an edge, roll the plasti dip inwards and then start pulling it off.

How long should I wait between coats of plasti dip?
-You should wait about 10 to 15 minutes between coats of plasti dip. This time may be a bit longer if you are thinning down your plasti dip.

My plasti dip is spraying blobs, or splattering, help!
-if you are using cans, they may not be shaken properly or the can may be too cold. Try leaving the cans in warm water for a few minutes or leaving them on your defroster. Be sure to shake the plasti dip cans often.

What is the best spray gun to use when spraying plasti dip?
-A HVLP spray gun is recommended for plasti dip. The most popular gun is the Earlex 3500 but people have reported good success with the Earlex 2900 and similar Wagner guns.

Can I plasti dip in the cold?
-It is possible to plasti dip in the cold and freezing temperatures however it may take longer to dry between coats.

I don’t like the “matte” or “flat” look, is there anything I can do about it?

-You may option for the Plasti Dip Glossifier, which will coat your Plasti Dip in a clear glossy layer. You may add as many coats as you need to obtain the effect you are looking for.

Can I use Plasti Dip to tint my taillights or headlights?

-Using regular black Plasti Dip is not recommended for your lights however you can buy Plasti Dip Smoke which will provide a lighter, more transparent coat to your lights to achieve the “smoke” effect. You may add the “Glossifier” on top of this smoke to achieve a cleaner and smoother look.


I want a metallic look, can I do that?

-You may purchase one Plasti Dip Metalizers (Gold, Silver, Copper – coming soon) to provide you with a metalic look. The metalizer sprays on top of any regular Plasti Dip product. You can add as much as you like or as little as you like for the desired effect.


Is there a “pearl” white?

-Just like the metalizers, there is also a “pearlizer”. You can apply the Pearlizer over a matte white to achieve the desired pearl effect. The Pearlizer is not limited to white, you can use it on any other color of plasti dip.

Is Plasti Dip waterproof?

-Yes! This is one of the many advantages of Plasti Dip. It is waterproof! Water will not stick to the surface, rather it will bead up and fall right off.

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41 thoughts on “Plasti Dip Help

    1. DipMyRide Post author

      I’m not 100% sure but I think pearlizer is glossy by itself so glossifier may not do anything.

    1. Mykl

      if your esc needs to breath than no, this will completely seal and coat with a thick rubber coating anything you spray. I used to race RC cars and I wish I knew about plasti dip back then. This would be perfect for spraying a body or chassis. very durable if applied correctly and a thick enough coating.

    2. m0use

      i have it works great instead putting out another 30 or so for the esc and servos to be waterproof plasti dip will take care of it … i did it to my esc and servos on my 1/8 revo

  1. Ash

    How long after dipping my whole car should I wait before driving it? Can I drive it after a few hours or should I wait longer?

  2. Nass

    I plasti dip my grill black and went over with glossifier, i did it at night and the result looked good but in the day I realised the coat was too light and the chrome was coming through the plasti dip in some areas. Could I just do another coat over the top and make just sure there’s no dirt on it when I do the extra coat? or would i need to try to take of the plasti dip and re-do it?

    1. Mykl

      In my experience (Mini Cooper Blacked out Chrome and wheels w/ Plasti Dip) the plasti dip last anywhere from 1 year to 3+ years. My plasti dipped rear hatch lid, rear bumper chrome, front bumper/grille chrome, and dipped badges have lasted for over 3 years now. I only dipped them the one time and haven’t touched it since. It actually protects from all the rock chips these MINIs get, my hood is riddled w/ chips but my dipped pieces are clear of chips and tears. My wheels on the other hand lasted for a little over a year. I had to redo the dip when I purchased new tires since the tire machine started peeling the dip from the edges of the rims.I redipped them all in under 2 hours though. Absolutely love plasti dip, easy easy easy.

  3. Bonnie

    My son has done his car grill and all the emblems. Only one problem. One emblems it is not sticking to. It was an added emblem, not there before. Should he retake off, spray and reapply? Any help? Thanks.

  4. Johnny

    I was Dipping my black rim inserts red using cans of red. I applied 5 coats of red, 30 minutes in between each coat. Everything was looking good then when I applied the first coat of Glossifier they had a white film to them and when I tried damage control (applying more Glossifier and wiping it down) the whole process was ruined and I have to start over. What caused the white film so I can avoid the mistake on my second run?

  5. Matty

    Hey, i dipped my car yesterday with the car kit, it started raining around 5-6hrs after the last coat, it was still raining this morning when i left for the shop.

    Should that cause any problems?

    Thank you

  6. blackhippiedee

    I got some bodywork done on my 82 impala and have it primed done. Will I be able to use plasti-dip temporary over the primer until I decided which shade and texture I want for paint. I really just want to compare how my car would look in metallic or pearl or matte or just plain glossy rootbeer brown.

  7. ToddK

    Can I use just the metallic spray on my taillights? I want to have a hint of the green metallic but don’t want to black/smoke out my taillights

  8. prota

    I would like to protect some old fishing lures, that are very dear to me. So can I coat them with clear PlastiDip and still use them?

    Will it make waterproof coating?


  9. Jermyn

    I bought the black pasti dip and I’m not 100% sure that I’m going to like it….could I add metallizer like a day or 2 later if I don’t like the finish? It does it have to be back to back