Plasti Dip a Car

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When people hear about a plasti dip car, it often confuses them. When most people think of painting their car, they think of using some sort of spray paint, but definitely not rubber. In fact, when you think of rubber, you wouldn’t think of a paintjob at all. Plasti dip allows you to give your car a sleek, unique looking color-change to your car without harming its original paint or messing it up. It is also more durable than paint when applied correctly, and if it peels off, it won’t hurt the original paint under it. It is important to realize first, however, what exactly plasti dip is and the benefits of using it.

When people think of rubber, they immediately think of thickness, and also a less attractive appearance when you’re talking about giving your car a new look. In reality, this is not the case whatsoever, because plasti dip is not actually made of rubber. It is simply made of a mix that has the same look and feel as paint, with the durable qualities of rubber. Even better is the fact that plasti dip comes in a wide spectrum of colors, so your creativity isn’t limited because of the product that you are using. Keep in mind too that when we say that plasti dip isn’t permanent, we don’t mean that it will peel off easily. The great thing about it is that if for some reason you don’t like how it turns out, you can simply peel it off and restart with just a little bit of effort. It doesn’t even require you to sand it off like most paint does, simply peel with a small amount of force and it’ll come off with no problem.

plasti dip car

You can paint everything except for the windows, and it’s as easy as covering up them up with tape or any sort of thin material, paper being the most commonly used. Even if you happen to plasti dip your windows for some reason, it peels off perfectly fine, (you just don’t want them to be rubbered up because then you can’t see through them obviously). In addition, a plasti dip car’s scratches are a lot less noticeable, because sometimes the rubber won’t even peel off from a scratch. If it’s done correctly, you can even spray on a new thin layer of rubber to cover it up, (or do the entire section again if that doesn’t work).

In reality, making a plasti dip car is just like making art or spraypainting just about anything. If you cover it up correctly and apply the layers well, you can have an amazing finished product in just an hour or so. What people often do to save money when their car is scratched up, (or even dented if the dent is light enough), is use plasti dip so that they can cover up any sort of blemishes. This works well and it looks extremely professional at the same time, instead of painting your car over and hoping that it works well. Not only that, but again, it’s more cost-effective and a more unique approach.

Want your car to appear glossy? Plasti dip comes in glossifier as well, along with metallic silver and gold finishes. Pearl has started to make its way into the market and is becoming a very popular plasti dip finish. To apply these enhancers, all you have to do is follow the same method you used when spraying on the plasti dip. The enhancers peel of just like the plasti dip does, so don’t be scared to get it on your car. If applied correctly, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a vinyl wrapped and plasti dip car.