How Can Plasti Dip Be Removed?

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Plasti Dip is a wonderful thing to use for a variety of purposes. However, sometimes you might want or need to remove it, so that for example you need to remove it from your clothes or remove the excess of plasti dip from a surface or to remove it because you want to replace it with another color. In any of the cases, here you can see how to remove plasti dip.

            The first thing that you should know is that basically, Plasti Dip is best to be removed by peeling it off. Usually, it comes off relatively easy, but this also may depend on some factors. For example, if the coat is too thin, it might be more difficult to peel it off. This happens because when plasti dip is applied in a too thin layer, it might rip into many small pieces when you try to peel it off, thus becoming more difficult to remove. So a recommendation is that if you wish to remove plasti dip that was applied in a too thin layer, you should first add another layer to it and only then try to peel it off.

If the Plasti Dip goes on a surface that it wasn’t supposed to, then you should generally be able to rub it off with your bare finger. For example, if you are plasti dipping your car and a bit of plasti dip goes on your window, you should be able to rub it off using only your finger. However, if this doesn’t work for you, then you should try to remove it using microfiber. Also, there are people who consider using goo gone as a highly effective method when it comes to removing plasti dip from certain surfaces, so maybe you could also try that, but be sure to read the label on the goo gone as it is not to be used on many plastic surfaces.

Plasti Dip is made to adhere to most of the surfaces, which includes metal, glass, fiberglass, wood, concrete, rubber, fabrics, rope and others alike. It also peels off relatively easy from most surfaces, but if you wish to make sure it could be easily removed from a certain surface, then you should first try it on a small area of your desired surface to see the results. This would help give you an idea of how to remove plasti dip from that particular surface, in case you would need or want to do it.