3500 Plastidip Sprayer

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If you’re here reading this right now, you’re probably wondering if the Earlex 3500 plastidip sprayer is  good investment or not. I have personally used the 3500 plastidip sprayer on my car and the results were phenomenal. Before I used the earlex, I tried a wagner spray gun that I picked up from home depot for $59 on sale (don’t remember which) but it started splattering a few coats in.

My only gripe with the spray gun is that there’s a little air escape hole that needs to be cleaned after 1 or 2 cars. Often you won’t have a problem with it if you don’t tilt the gun more than 45 degrees or don’t shake the dip as much but even then it’s not a big deal. I use an ice pick or a Phillips head screwdriver to unclog the hole.


If you want to pick up one of these guns, there’s a great deal on amazon ($129.99 – free shipping). If you have amazon prime, it’s even better since you can get it to your door within two days.
Here’s a close-up of the texture……or lack of texture I got using the earlex 3500 plastidip sprayer.