Plasti Dipped Lexus IS300 RED with glossifier

This is absolutely a beautiful job done by Efrain G ( I personally think the red with glossifier looks closest to paint than any other combination of dip. Feel free to check out their page and also head over to our forums and introduce yourself!

plasti dip red glossifier
glossifier over red plasti dip
red gloss plasti dip
glossy red plasti dip
gloss red plastidip

Dipped Si & Celica

Very clean job done by Evan B. Our first matte red submission, and I must add that it gives a nice touch to the car.


my photography(2)

my photography

Custom Camo Audi S4

Fabulous work done by a Team S.F.S. member(Shingo K). Custom camo done with red and white dip! This is definitely a car to see. The red wheels definitely stand out.

audi s4 dipped
audi s4 plasti dip
audi s4 red wheels